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DOPENESS INTERACTIVE / Radio Star Angela Yee Covers Dopeness Magazine With Love (Cover Story 2013) / 0%

Radio Star Angela Yee Covers Dopeness Magazine With Love (Cover Story 2013)

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Feature In Dopeness Magazine August/September Issue

Angela Yee has the whole package. She’s stylish, humorous and extremely talented. The Brooklyn Born star is one third of Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, one of the best radio morning shows in America. Despite being the only female of the trio Angela always holds her own, and stands firm. She’s described as the glue that holds the show together. Her voice is sweet but firm and distinctive. In a 9 year span the phenomenal Yee has captivated America’s eyes and ears.

Angela stands at the forefront of not just radio but urban culture as a whole. Whether it’s appearing on television, journalism, or radio her many talents are constantly on full display. These accolades didn’t just happen overnight for the radio wonder. After receiving a degree in English at Wesleyan university, Yee originally had dreams of becoming a writer. She then pursued positions in the music Industry world. Hot 97’s Paul Rosenberg has had the biggest effect on Angela’s career. Rosenberg believed in her from day one, and gave Angela her first opportunity in the radio industry. He has always been supportive of Yee’s career till this day. Isn’t that ironic? After a brief Stint at Wu-tang management she honed her radio skills at Sirius satellite; under Shade 45 Eminem’s radio station. Both shows ‘’Lip Service’’ and ‘’the morning’’ after became fan favorites. Slowly but surely a star was born on the radio. Cipha Sounds left Sirius n 2008 which opened the floodgates. The show was renamed Shade 45 morning show starring Angela Yee. After a two year stint at Sirius radio the proud Flatbush girl took a big step, and accepted a spot as host of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, with DJ envy and Charlamagne the god in 2010. The show has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics. Most commend the crew for their no holds barred approach when interviewing artists. The Source Magazine named The Breakfast Club as one of the top radio shows in the country in their “Power 30” issue.

Angela does everything from artist management, and charity work. Yes you heard right! She’s manager of rapper Lore’l who’s also featured on Love and Hip-Hop New York. Yee was caught in a dispute with another L.H.H. member Erica Mena, which shook the media world. Mena even showed up to 105.1’s headquarters one morning looking for Yee. Instead of feeding into a conventional Worldstar worthy catfight she laughed it off and remained professional. Not even a couple subliminals from hot 97’s own K.Foxx made her lose her cool. There isn’t much she hasn’t seen in the industry, and nothing will deter Angela from progressing as a talent and individual. The caring Yee spends time contributing to “Dress for Success” a charity organization that helps disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, and a network of support. They also supply these women with the necessary career developmental tools needed to help them thrive in work and in life. Ms. Yee also finds time to be the brand ambassador for Belvedere Vodka. She also has spent time as the face of Miss. Jessica hair products. Oh yeah did I mention that she also played a role in Vh1’s reality show “Gossip Game? This show features some of the more highly coveted bloggers in the media world. As usual Angela found a way to shine brightest out of the bunch. This isn’t anything new to an individual who’s used to overachieving, and defying the odds. Despite her demanding schedule you will always find Angela getting her sexy on. She has become a fan favorite not only for her talents, but for her trendy style as well. Even though she prefers to ferocious pair of heels; you can catch her in a pair of J’s and a fitted that would make Brooklynites proud.

In a male dominated industry Angela always demands respect from everyone. We are in an era where positive female remodels are at an all-time low. The proud Cantonese and West Indian beauty understands her responsibility is far greater than being a media maven. She’s a great role model for young aspiring females that hope to become media moguls. Angela is living proof that class, dignity and professionalism can still take you a long way in this game.

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