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Game Review: INJUSTICE 2

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Injustice 2 further explores the story of alternate timelines in NetherRealm Studios new update to the fighting series. With the story mode displaying the beautifully polished cutscenes, running a customized version of the Unreal Engine 3, players are introduced to an intense war between Batman and Superman. After a devastating battle between The Joker and Superman resulting in the loss of millions of lives, including Lois Lane and Superman’s unborn child, Superman goes on a crusade to execute the worst villains of the DC Universe. With Batman leading the charge you are taken through a story mode that grabs a hold of you and puts you in the middle of the fight. Taking you through plenty of characters and giving you a background in the storyline, the campaign gives players a balanced view of the gameplay of Injustice 2.

From experience with previous fighters throughout the years, I would have to say that Injustice 2 has the best combo system of anyone I’ve played. Gone are the complicated combos where you need to worry about if the analog stick is pointed at the correct 45-degree angle to execute a 25-button combo. The combos have been simplified but not so much so that the game becomes too easy. While some combo moves still require some memorization, the gameplay for Injustice 2 made it easy adjusting from character to character throughout the story. Every battle is displayed on a beautiful interactive landscape while some also offer the ability to change the battleground with scene change moves that cause a great amount of damage to your opponents.

While most fighting games eventually hit a wall with replay value Injustice 2 completely bypasses this putting it in a class of its own in terms of fighting games. Introducing the new Multi-Verse Mode, giving players hours and hours of seamless single player content. With the help of Brother Eye, worlds are randomly generated for the player to explore. On each world, you are given challenges to beat rewarding you with gear, abilities, and experience points. With the new addition of the character customization, gear becomes a big part of the game. Gear allows players to not only edit the way their hero’s look but also the way they play. Changing things like the color scheme of outfits to different special abilities, each character has hundreds of customization options to unlock.


The Story Mode in Injustice 2 at times seems to drag on sometimes losing its audience with the story but grabbing them right back again with the fighting gameplay. The cutscenes are elegantly detailed and colored but the storyline itself is not as engaging or exciting as I would have liked. The Multi-Verse is the true gem of this game. It breaks up the monotony of regular fighting games offering new content every few hours to play.  Paired with the simple combo system Injustice 2 is a rare fighting title that you will not put down for hours.


Pros: Easy to pick up and play, Great Graphics, Replay Value

Cons: Pedestrian Story Line Mode


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