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Editorial Guidelines

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Editorial Guidelines for Article Submission to Dopenessmag.com

Our Editorial Guidelines determine whether any submitted article will be included for publishing in whole, or part, or at all, and the extent of any editing of an article where applicable. The user is referred to these guidelines before submitting any article to our site and as such, the user acknowledges Dopenessmag.com and Dopeness Magazine LLC right to use these guidelines in the editing or publishing of any article.

A.Article content qualifications:

All Articles:

  • Must be written by the author/submitter and be considered as original. Submission of an article written for an employer or contractor must be submitted as if from the original author, with such author’s permission and must include the author’s email address and name. Any person who submits any article, unconditionally guarantees and warrants to Dopenessmag.com and other users that such article complies with this qualification, of which Dopenessmag.com may at its sole discretion investigate but which it does not specifically claim it is liable to do in all cases.
  • Must not be bought from third parties or copied off the Public Domain. A valid Exclusive License must have been issued for any ghost written articles submitted, which must permit association of your name with such submitted article. All articles bought by way of article packs or similar agreements, with non-exclusive licenses, are subject to rejection. This provision is meant to ensure originality of articles, legal compliance, and credibility of authors and to avoid duplication of any article in our directory.
  • Must not, in any part of the article, contain any affiliate links.
  • Must give insight to your unique expertise and be informative in content. To stimulate reader interest we request that you include helpful tips, winning strategies, diverse techniques, case-studies, factual based analysis, your opinions and commentary in your articles.
  • ·Must not be a sales letter or pitch or puffery, a reprinted or copied press release, an advertisement of self or services or product or idea, a promotional copy, or consist of blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype.
  • ·Must be written in legible English with correct syntax and grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. All articles must be proofed and double-checked for accuracy by the author or their representative, before submission.
  • Must be drafted with attention to basic punctuation rules, for example: one or two spaces after each period, colon, or semi-colon; periods should be inside of quotes; when typing “…” — you should use only 3 dots; when using dashes, use two in a row, eg: “–“; there is never a space before a period or before a comma.
  • Must not contain, advocate or promote pornographic material, hatred, violence, racial intolerance, excess profanity, advocate against any individual, have insulting-obscene-degrading tone.
  • Must not advocate or contain information on: hacking/cracking, bomb or explosives creation, support for terrorism/ radicalism/ religious fanaticism, nor advocate illicit drug use (or production or distribution or drug paraphernalia), weapon/ firearms/ ammunition/ balisongs/ butterfly knives or brass knuckles, or the promotion of hard alcohol/tobacco-related products or prescription drugs.
  • Must not contain any content that is a violation of, or encourages violation of any law, be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Must not be a submission of a duplicate or substantively duplicated article. Authors, who have, for example, submitted the same article multiple times with only a few words changed in the body, will have their article/s rejected and they will be banned from future use of our site.


B Format Guidelines

Your Title MUST be in upper and lower case letters with the first letter of each major word capitalized, (with Exception) and

  • If you submit your title in CAPS, we will change to “Upper and Lower caps.”
  • It is acceptable to not capitalize common words such as “a” – “the” – “to” – “for” etc…Unless you want to.
  • Do not put quotes around the entire title. If you want to use a quote or an apostrophe to call attention to one word or a phrase, this is acceptable.
  • Do not end your title with a period.
  • Do not submit Microsoft Word smart quotes in your title, including quotes, apostrophes, double dashes, and 3 sequential dots. Replace smart quotes with standard quotes/apostrophe’s/double dashes/or 3 sequential periods.
  • Limit punctuation marks in your title to one exclamation “!” or question mark “?”
  • We do not allow any HTML tags in your title.
  • Your title should begin with the first word flush to the left of the title submission box.
  • Your author name or any website URL should not feature in your title.
  • The article title must not be repeated in the article body.

2. TITLE keyword choice:

  • Your title should be carefully worded with choice keywords.” The initial 3 to 4 words of your title can ultimately determine the volume of traffic generated by the article. The search engines use the keywords in your title to help determine how well that page ranks.


  • You must include your first and last name as the author of the article.
  • Your author name must have a First name and a Last name.
  • We allow “First name – Last initial” or “First initial – Last Name.”
  • We do not allow initials for your First and Last name.
  • You’re First and Last name must begin with a Capital Letter.
  • Company names are not to be your author name.
  • Email addresses are not to be your author name.
  • Adjectives or nouns or descriptors are not to be part of your author name.
  • Titles are not allowed after your author name unless you hold a doctorate-level degree (Dr., MD, DDS, PhD…)
  • Religious titles are not allowed before or after your name.
  • No more than ONE author name may have an account. Co-author’s names are only to appear in the Resource Box and we will manually add them as a Co-Author to your article By-line.


  • All rules for the full author name above apply to the alternate author names.
  • The Author terms of service apply to any alternate author names just as they do to you. Ensure that you have obtained written permission to submit the articles under any alternate author names.

Must be a minimum of 200 words and no more than 4,000 words. Ideally, article size should be between 200 and 800 words.

  • You must use the provided text/HTML editor to submit your articles.
  • We will remove title and Author names repeated at the top of the Article Body.
  • Copyrights must appear at the bottom of your article. They will be moved to the bottom of the article body, if inserted at the top of the article.
  • Reprint Rights statements included in your article, must be situated at the bottom of the article. If at the top, we will move it to the bottom. Our Publisher Terms of Service are relevant when you write your reprint rights statement, as we will reject articles that have Reprint Rights statements that conflict with our posted Author Terms of Service.
  • Your article will be rejected, without notice, should you sell hard in the article body, including your URL or product pitch or blatantly self-promote.

A maximum of 3 “Self-Serving” Links/URLs, active or inactive, are permitted in your article. (A “Self-Serving” Link/URL is a link/URL to a website that you own, control or has an interest in).
Whenever possible, please try to confine your self-serving links to your Resource Box. Please note that:

  • Your article may be rejected if your website links do not work.
  • You can use HTML code to make your link active.
  • Microsoft Word smart quotes are never valid HTML code.
  • We *DO* auto format valid URLs that are in your REFERENCE BOXES.

Example of an invalid URL:

Example of a valid URL:

  • Your links may NOT contain a file, of any form, to be downloaded.
  • Do not submit duplicate identical URLs. They will be rejected.
  • URLs that are banned by Google are not permitted on our site and if they appear in any of our articles, are without our knowledge or consent. Any questionable SEO practices on your website will result in rejection of your articles.
  • URLs that are in the Body of your article will not be auto formatted by us.
  • Active links in the first sentence, first paragraph or above the fold of an article, are not permitted. Active links must be placed in the reference box below the article body.

Including a link to your website is recommended however we do not advocate including a mailto: or email link to your personal or work email account. This will avoid spamming. Including a website URL is recommended as an alternative.


Dopenessmag.com and its parent company does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product represented on this site.

Dopenessmag.com does not, expressly or by implication, endorse, or recommend anything contained on its site. The views, expressions and opinions of the authors that have submitted their articles to this site are owned by them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dopenessmag.com, its management team, owners, employees or agents. Dopenessmag.com does not recommend any product, information, strategy or service found via any advertisement or endorsement within this site.

The user of this site may find many links to 3rd party Internet sites. Dopenessmag.com is not responsible for the content or availability of these 3rd party sites nor does Dopenessmag.com .com warrant or guarantee or endorse the products, information, strategy or services found on external or 3rd party sites.

No Pop-Ups exist anywhere within the Dopenessmag.com .com site. The user acknowledges that should a Pop-Up be received as a result of clicking on any of the 3rd party links found within this site, that they did not originate from our site.
All articles on our site are not meant to dispense or provide, nor is it intended that they dispense or provide, medical, legal, financial, trading or professional advice, nor, do they prescribe any treatment or strategy that should be tested without the advice of a professional. Information presented on this site is for educational or entertainment purposes only. You accept sole responsibility for your decision to submit any article to, or use any information found on, this site.


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