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Dopeness Babes: Marilyn Melo

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On This Weeks Issue of BABES, were chatting with Marilyn Melo, an absolute knockout beauty with an enthusiastic ambition to match. The Dominican-born bombshell is truly a gem, from being in the army to aspiring to being an immigration lawyer we catch up with her to dive into her life a little bit, and did we forget to mention she’s a model? truly a beast on camera and off.



This Feature is the online Cover Story is published online for the July 2017.
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Hi, Marilyn, it’s a pleasure being able to talk to you. So, you’re in the army; looks can be deceiving, I wouldn’t have even thought that you’re a military girl, thank you for that btw, how is army life for you?
The army life is incredibly different than my regular life for sure. It’s hard, but I love it so far.

You were born in the Dominican Republic, how was it is growing up in your native country?
Yes! I was, the Dominican Republic is a third world country, so I came from humble beginnings. It’s so beautiful there; So historical and lovely place to visit for sure.

What were some of the events that changed your life transitioning from D.R. to the US?
Well not knowing English was hard at first. Just the American way of being I’m very appreciative of the opportunities there are in America.

So, you grew up in Cherry Hill, beautiful town and small, did you enjoy growing up there and does your family still live there?
I love Cherry hill it’s a quiet town yet so close to the city of Philadelphia. It’s very suburban, it was great, I felt safe there growing up, and the education system is very hands on. My family still lives there.

Talk about growing up, how was it growing up in your household? How many siblings do you have?
I have a big family. I have a sister and three brothers I lived with; I mostly hung out with my brothers. I was very much a tom boy growing up.

Were you a rebellious child growing up?
I wasn’t rebellious at all. I was always a good student always had my head in the books. I didn’t give my parents much trouble that I think of (laughs).

Growing up what were some of the things you enjoy doing?
I loved running. I love hiking and writing. My parents were strict, so I wasn’t allowed to do much.

How were your high school years? You seem very athletic; I feel like you were the “Track and Field” girl (laughs)
(laughs) You hit that right on the head. I ran track for seven years of my life, and I loved every year of it. I don’t like to reminisce on High school (laughs) those weren’t my best years. They were okay, I was academically oriented, so I didn’t really ever see anyone outside of school. Plus my parents were really strict. (laughs)



In high school did you knew that you wanted to be a model?
Hell no (laughs) I thought it was offensive. How could you tell a child that’s on the Honor Roll and one of the best athletes in the school to “Just be a model.” It would’ve been like it never mattered how smart I was and how athletic I was. I was never told to be a doctor, lawyer, athlete, etc. I was always told to be a model. (laughs)

(laughs) I get it. Were your parents cool with you being a model or wanting to be a model later on in life?
I told my mom about the offers I was getting. She looked at me and said, “well take the money and run.” (laughs) My parents joke that they should get 50% for making me and jokingly argue about who I came out looking like more. “no she became a model because of me” They both want to take credit for my modeling.

So while we’re on the topic of modeling, how did you get your start into modeling?
I was discovered at a restaurant by the owner of GotTheLook.com. I blew him off at first. When I finally did a shoot with Micheal Avery, my photographer friend that nagged and pretty much threatened me into modeling (laughs). I did my first shoot with him, and a day later I had three paid shoots set up.

Damn (laughs), What’s life like in Philly how do you like it and how is it different than Cherry Hill?
I don’t live in Philly, but I’m there every day (laughs). I still live in the suburbs but in Pennsauken, Nj a town away from my parents in Cherry Hill. I love the city, but I don’t think I can live there though.

“So far my studies are going great this is my last year as an undergrad, and I’m excited for the years to come.”

What’s the one thing that you love about your studies so far?
I love being able to know how far we have come as a country. I love learning different ways of the law and why certain laws were created. My major teaches me much of what this country was built on.

Outside of school and modeling, what does “fun” look like for Marilyn?
Just being with my girls, hiking and relaxing, I love just going out or staying in reading and writing.

Cool, so let’s get a bit of insight into everyday life for you, you’re a beautiful woman with a banging body (laughs), how do you stay and keep shape?
(laughs) Being military requires me to remain in shape, I also just turned Vegan. I try to watch what I eat as much as possible, and I work out a couple of times a week. I love cardio, but I also lift.

Wow, beauty and brawns (laughs), so, what is your favorite food? And your least favorite?
I love Asian food; Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese you name it! (laughs) I don’t like greasy foods. I don’t like pizza (laughs) I know it’s crazy.



When your home, how does your week look? Are you typically busy or does in depends?
I’m busy most days. I work every day, modeling. I’ve been doing location shoots lately, so It’s been a hectic month for me. Plus I take summer classes like, I always do so, and I do homework on the go a lot, so it’s been a busy month.

What’s your favorite tv show that you’re watching right now?
I actually, don’t watch Television. I do however love Sex in the City. I have it on DVD.

How about dating? Are you dating someone right now or no?
(laughs) I’m not dating anyone. I don’t really date.

Oh really? So if you did, just humor me for a bit (laughs) What would be your ideal perfect date?
I say at a sushi restaurant. I love sushi (laughs).

What’s your personality like? Apart from when you’re focused on school and work?
My friends would say bubbly; I’m always smiling and being goofy. I don’t take myself too seriously. I have a lot going on, so it’s hard not getting overwhelmed, so I try to uplift myself and others a lot.

What’s been the most challenging thing to overcome so far in your life?
I would say the transition between the modeling world and the military. It’s tough going from being treated like a princess to being treated like a hardened soldier. Also how others treat you knowing that you are a model etc.

So, what’s next for you, apparently it’s finishing school, but what else do you have in store for the future?
I have recently modeled for FashionNova which was a personal goal. I have a lot of more things I’ll love to accomplish.

What is your definition of what “DOPENESS” means?
Dopeness to me is like cool, flyness, and something that separates you from others. There are a lot of dope people out here thanks for choosing me.

Your welcome! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Marilyn, if you’re ever in NY you should stop by and kick it with the DOPENESS crew.


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