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15 Custom Celebrities Cars

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Celebs sure know how to style with money but do they know how to  roll out in custom style in their cars, were counting 15 customized cars by celebrities and you can be the judge on weather there dope or just needs to stay in the garage.

Chad Johnson just signed with the Miami Dolphins so we expect him to have a brand new fleet of cars very soon. His first purchase is a smart car which was customized by Alex Vega at The Auto Firm. The entire car was hooked up including a matte black paint job, custom rims, and audio. Although this is a cool car, we expect something bigger and better to be coming soon from the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco. [via celebritycarz.com]Martial artist and actor, Anton Kasabov was spotted in Beverly Hills recently with his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon customized by Hamman Motorsport. Usually we like the work Hamman does but this thing is hideous. [via celebritycarsblog.com]MC Customs in Miami built King Felix of the Seattle Mariners another car. There is no doubt about it, this one is a perfect 10. There are so many little details that went into this build, it is really a rare perfect build.  The best part about this Range Rover is the custom built 24″ wheels. These wheels are truly custom. Each one of the 8 spokes has a chrome crown designed into it and each wheel says King Felix on it. The center caps are also customized with his crown logo and they are floating caps! I love the way they painted red inside of the head lights. The chrome strut grille really makes up for the lack of chrome moldings and flows well with the chrome on the wheels. The interior is completely custom with the King Felix Crown stitched into the headrests. It also has a top of the line sound system to put it all together.  Superstar athelets take notes, this is how it is done. Find the best custom shop in your city, drop off the keys and leave them a blank check and let them do what they do best. [via celebritycarz.com]Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians has his Camaro customized at MC Customs in Miami, FL. This car is definately not for everybody. The wheels are as loud and crazy as it gets, with 24″ Forgiato Mistos. They hooked him up with a great sound system with his name and jersey number incorporated into it.  These wheels are too crazy for my taste and I think it makes the car look silly. These wheels would be perfect for a donk or an Escalade but I dont think they were meant for a muscle car. Also, the wheels are loud enough without the wild color scheme on them, it might have worked with an all black center and orange lip. [via celebritycarz.com]Tyga teamed up with Roadstarr Motorsports to create this gold chrome Audi R8. At first, I thought this was just a cheap vinyl wrap on the car but after I saw it in person – I realized it was actual paint! This is a very impressive car and even though it might be too loud for most people, the quality is there.  Love to see people take chances with their cars and Tyga did just that. He got a lot of publicity from it as it is going to be featured in DUB Magazine. The wheels are staggered matte black 20″ wheels. I would have liked to see some more creativity with the wheels, no point in going conservative with the paint job thats on the car. [via celebritycarz.com]Porsche Panamera S tuned by Roadstarr Motorsports for Chris Brown. Full Aerodynamic kit by Vorsteiner and 22inch wheels provided by Forgiato Forged wheels. Custom candy and marble paint works to keep this amazing customed Porsche Panamera dripping [via roadstarr.com]Nicki Minaj, aka Pink Barbie Doll, just picked up a new Bentley Continental GT. This car is a perfect fit for her, matches her more than it does Paris Hilton. The only problem I have with this car is the cheap cast wheels. You go out and paint an entire Bentley in pink but you get cheap on the rims? The wheels probbably cost $200 each. She should have gotten a set of 3-piece wheels that were color matched pink and chrome two tone. Instead she chose machined wheels with a high polished lip right out of China which does not match the car at all.  Might want to use some of that plastic surgery budget for the wheels on your car Nicki.This is Dwight Howard’s murdered out black Porsche Panamera. This car makes sense for Dwight. It is a practical car that has enough room inside for him, great driving performance, and does not stand out too much. I love how the red brembo brakes really pop next to the all black car. The wheels are 22″ Savini Mono SM3s which look great. All the custom work on this car was done very subtly but it came out really clean.  Would have expected some more flash from Superman but this car is on point. [via celebritycarz.com]This is Justin Bieber’s matte black Cadillac CTS-V coupe customized by West Coast Customs. These pictures were taken at SEMA 2011 by GT Spirit. The car has suicide doors and is wrapped in matte black vinyl. It also has a custom audio system that is no joke. It is sitting on 20″ matte black Asanti wheels which look really good on this coupe.  I was tempted to give this car a good rating but you can not take it seriously for two reasons. 1) It is a 17 year olds car. 2) It has batman logos all over and is batmobile themed. [via celebritycarz.com]T-Pain is one of the few rappers who actually thinks logically when it comes to choosing rims on his car. It might be because he owns his own custom shop in Atlanta, GA called Auto Extremes and knows all of the head aches that come with custom oversized rims. He tends to be very conservative with his wheel choices as you can see above. Here is his 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost sitting on a set of 22″ Asanti wheels. He could have easily put a set of 24s on this car but decided to go more conservative. Even though the paint scheme and thick 5 spoke design looks good on this car, it is still a fail in our eyes. You might get a smoother ride with the smaller rims but you dont get any points on our website – you might as well have kept the stock wheels!Justin Bieber just had his Fisker Karma wrapped in chrome vinyl. This car is one of the hottest cars out right now and looks even better wrapped in all chrome. You usually see this chrome wrap done on Audi R8s or internationally in Japan and Saudi Arabia. I think this is going to be the new trend here in the United States.  Matte black is played out and chrome is making a come back!  I like the contrast with the dark wheels on this car. Chrome wheels would have been too much. [via celebritycarz.com]Swedish Skier Jon Olsson is known for his sick annual event JOI, the Jon Olsson Invite and of course his collection of cars.  Jon is selling his Audi R8 that has seen quite a few mods and upgrades.  Jon has invested almost $400,000 into the car, and that is including the price of the R8 which starts at $114,000.  Jon didn't miss anything building this car and the reason he is selling it is because he loves the process of building a car.  I wouldn't mind throwing a disposable $400k at a car either, let alone have a sports car like an R8... [via theskimonster.com] Flo Rida went pop years ago and apparently it’s paid off as we know he has a serious stable of high-end and custom cars and his new chrome Bugatti is at the top of the list.  MetroWrapz of Hollywood, FL took care of the wrapping responsibilities and we think they did a damn good job as we admire how the roof and hood  are contrasted in a matte silver. Check out a video of the chrome Bugatti in motion below. You might also like a video of this blue chrome Bugatti.  We would love to see him take the next step and add a set of custom wheels. [via celebritycarz.com]Say what you want about Kanye West and his arrogant demeanor but you can’t deny he’s extremely talented and certainly has plenty of pesos. And even though ‘Ye raps about the Lamborghini Murcielago on multiple tracks including his newest single, Mercy, Mr. West stepped it up to the new Lambo, the Aventador. Not only did Kanye take the Bull to the premier high-end customization outfit in LA, Platinum Motorsport to murder it out, Kanye also added the ultimate accessory, Ms. Kim Kardashian to warm the passenger seat. [via celebritycarz.com]Say whaaaat?? And you thought Birdman was already crazy for dropping money on a Maybach Landaulet, try dropping $8 million on a Maybach Exelero! That's right, $8 million on one car. According to an interview just a couple weeks ago, Birdman said "They got this new Maybach that I want that costs $8 million, I gotta have it" and now he does. The Maybach Exelero is a custom one of a kind car that tops out at around 214 mph. Here is the picture he just tweeted...what do you think? Would you spend $8 million for it? [via celebritycarsblog.com]


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