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5 most anticipated games of 2013

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well The video game industry have some very interesting games of 2013 — with the expected launch of new console systems that will make 2013 the year of game heads literally. With heavyweights like “Halo 4” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” hitting stores this holiday season plus the release of the new Nintendo console system.

Until recently, Take-Two had never posted a profitable year without a Grand Theft Auto in its lineup. And while the company has not confirmed a release date for this new installment, analysts expect it will be out before the end of March, due to the company's guidance. Virtually nothing is known about the game, as the only publicity to date has been an online trailer, but fans are already eager to play. The last "GTA" title sold 15 million copies. And some industry observers say Take-Two is vastly understating the amount the game could contribute to earnings. [via cnbc.com]The "Gears of War" trilogy has made more than $1 billion for Microsoft and developer Epic Games, a notable achievement for a single console series. As the franchise enters its next storyline, Microsoft is hoping it keeps up the pace. "Judgment" is expected out in the spring, and could be the last hurrah for the Xbox 360 before the next generation games steal the spotlight. [via cnbc.com]Lara Croft is an institution in gaming, so Square Enix's decision to reboot the franchise is not one without risk. This Lara is young, inexperienced and vulnerable, with nary a pair of short shorts in sight. Some have worried aloud that this Lara might be too vulnerable, and not the strong female character she has historically been, but interest remains high. The publishers recently pushed "Tomb Raider" back to 2013, giving developers extra time to polish the game — and taking it out of the blast zone of "Halo 4" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" this year.Since its debut in 2005, this action/adventure series has become the flagship franchise for the PlayStation brand, with each game earning critical praise and topping the sales charts. The original trilogy sold more than 21 million copies. With the Spartan hero Kratos having defeated the Greek gods and their Titan forebearers, then disappearing, the studio decided to make the next installment a prequel, letting gamers see how he became an instrument of vengeance. Judging by reception to the launch trailer that debuted earlier this year, those players can't wait to try it out. [via cnbc.com]Pushed back to 2013, this action/adventure series is the latest from the developer behind the beloved "Uncharted" series, which has sold over 17 million copies. "The Last of Us" is untested, but early indications are good. Set in a plague-decimated world, an adult survivor and a 14-year-old girl fight for survival against infected, zombie-like creatures and hostile bands of marauders. Unlike many action games, though, ammo is limited and you'll have to depend on stealth and using objects in your environment to succeed. [via cnbc.com]


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