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Bow Wow fans are looking forward to in the next year or so, with his release of his upcoming album, underrated, which will have features with Birdman, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Fabulous, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, and many others. Bow Wow met up with Dopeness Magazine to discuss his hosting on 106 & Park, fashion, life as a father, and as a Young Mogul.

WRITTEN BY Samantha Almonte
INTERVIEW BY Christine Davis

A mogul is a vital or influential person, especially in the motion picture, music or media industry. Moguls are created every day in fact they are known prominently known from an early age from their talents and career ventures. Shad Gregory Moss famously known by his stage name Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow), is an American rapper, actor and television host. As Lil' Bow Wow, he released his first album, Beware of Dog in 2000 which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, at age young age of 13, which was followed by Doggy Bag 2001 that peaked at #11 on US Billboard 200 and #2 on US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. In 2003, Bow Wow dropped the "Lil" from his stage name when he released his third album Unleashed, a change that would aid in protruding in the young moguls career here after. Soon after his career has taken flight bow wow as garnered his talents on film adding acting to his talent to his arsenal the entertainment industry. As Bow Wow mature his music direction also grew with his talents. Bow wow signed to Cash Money Records in 2009, and his next album Underrated will be released on the label. The album is still under production and The album will feature with Birdman, Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Game, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Meek Mill, Nas, Nelly, Sean Kingston,Snoop Dogg, DMX, Styles P and Talib Kweli. On November, 2010, Bow Wow released his first promotional single from the album entitled "Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You" featuring Chris Brown. The music video was a success on 106 & Park and made the countdown in just 1 day. Two weeks later it peaked number 1 on the charts and remained number 1 for 3 days. In June, 2011, the first single from his album called "I'm Da Man", which features Chris Brown. In May, 2012, Bow Wow released the first single from the album entitled "Better" it featured T-Pain the music video for the song was directed by Bow Wow's personal camera man Rico Da Crook & was a success on 106 & Park and made it to the top of the countdown along with Bow Wow's second single from the album entitled "We In Da Club" produced by DJ Mustard. The third single scheduled from the album which will feature Miguel is entitled "Right Now". His Underrated album is set to be released in 2015.


I'm not turning my back on music anytime soon, but it's just a blessing to have options open. A lot of artists just have rap, and that's it. But once rap stops, it's hard to get into that Hollywood circle; it really is. It's a whole 'nother beast that people think they're ready for, but they're really not.

In 2002, Bow Wow made his first movie appearance in "All About the Benjamins", In the same year, Bow Wow landed his debut as the lead role in Mike. The film opened at #5 with a 3-day gross of over $12,000,000 to over $19,000,000 gross within its week launch but with a total worldwide gross of $62,000,000, the film was a success. Bow wow later began to take on lead roles in movies, such as Johnson Family Vacation in 2004 and Roll Bounce in 2005. He also played a supporting role in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006. Bow Wow also appeared in five episodes of the television series Entourage with some of his controversial scenes in the series. Soon after bow wow took it all back home to BET's 106 & Park.

The Actor, Entertainer, Rapper is now known as Mr. B.E.T. / Mr. 106, landed his current hosting deal with Viacom's B.E.T networks, having added the title of host to his resume. Crowning himself as "The King of Daytime TV", Bow Wow expresses the importance of keeping his job as a host separate from his career as a rapper and wants to be recognized individually for each job that he does rather than be known as a combination of the two. His dedication to his career has led him to numerous opportunities, most recently becoming the brand ambassador for with a new skateboard clothing line Asphalt Yacht Club, by DGK founder by Stevie Williams.

What Bow Wow fans can look forward to in the next year or so is the, earlier stated, release of his upcoming album, Underrated, which will have features with Birdman, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, and many others. Bow Wow met up with Dopeness Magazine to discuss his hosting on 106 & Park, fashion, life as a father, and upcoming projects.

...what I wanted to do was come in and show dudes that I'm not like these rappers who you watched get something and they get it because they're a rapper. No, I get something when I get it because I'm a host and you're going to respect me as a host...

Hey guys, I'm Christine D. here with Bow Wow: Mr. Entertainment, Mr. BET… you have so many different names, so what can I call you?
That dude.

That dude? Okay, so for this interview he is "that dude". So I know you just finished a shoot earlier, how was that?
It was dope, it was dope. I'm just happy that we got a chance to finally get it done. We had wardrobe malfunctions and stuff but now we finally got a chance to bring it home to BET and everything was right, the vibe was right and we got through it. There were three dope looks and I had a lot of fun. I am very aware of what you guys are doing and just like you know your stuff, I know my stuff. I know ya'll had almost had like 200,000 followers on Twitter. I read up on my stuff and it was a pleasure to do this with you guys.

Alright so we know that being fashionable is your thing this is just you. Only exclusive stuff touches your body.
Yeah that's it. Like for instance, I'm the only person who can come to BET and wear socks with flip-flops. This is some country sh*t right. This is a part of my steeze and this is what I do, this is my thing. You might not see anybody else do this.

Alright so I know you're associated with a new clothing line Asphalt Yacht Club, a skateboard line. What is your role with the organization?
I'm pretty much the brand ambassador. Shout out to my man Stevie Williams who was the first person, well actually, DGK was his first line, Dirty Ghetto Kids, and what it was was he wanted to start up something new and being that he's dominated the skate world for so long with DGK and even himself because he's a skater as well, what he wanted to do with Asphalt Yacht Club was be bigger than just skating. He wanted young dudes who skate to rock Asphalt and then for the urban side, he also wanted them to rock it too because in order for you to make something big and really blow it out, you want everybody in it. When you single out one spectrum it's like it'll work but you're only feeding one type of people. So what he wanted to do was find a way that we could cross this over into the urban world as well and that's when I came in and he was looking for somebody with a voice and somebody with influence and that could just drive that brand uphill and that's what I'm there for. It's no different than what Puff does for Ciroc; it's no different than what you see a lot of guys doing. So that's pretty much my job with AYC. I'm like the brand influence and it's my job to make sure dudes are wearing it. Shout out to Puff who wears it and 50 Cent who I just saw a picture on Instagram of him wearing it. Just about everybody rocks it and it was a smart thing to do because me being on TV everyday, I could wear it on the show and it's so easy for me to have a gift bag ready for whoever is on the show and be like, "Yo, throw this on for me" because guys are always looking for favors anyway so this was a perfect opportunity and it's blasting off. When it first started they had like 30,000 followers on Instagram within like a month's time and now it's at like 110,000 and they know that that's myself, that's Stevie, that's our skate team and everybody just driving it. That's the next big thing, AYC.

And who else better to let promote that brand. I know you're coming up with some new opportunities like next month you'll be hosting 106 & Park BET Pre-Awards Show. I know you won't be wearing any Asphalt clothing because you'll be wearing a tuxedo, right?
Yeah I'm gonna definitely be fly. Last year we were fly for it so we'll definitely make sure we're fly. For the inside when I present the award, I got to throw the AYC on and I got to get in that business mode because there's going to be a lot of people watching.

So what can we look forward to at this year's show and what's going to be different from last year?
It's just bigger. When it comes to the BET awards, it's our job to out top ourselves and we're very fortunate to be one of the networks to have one of the biggest award shows. You know they have the Grammy awards and the Billboard awards but the BET awards just stands out on its on. This year we're definitely bringing out a lot of surprises. As you can see, Chris Rock is our official host and I'm going to be holding down the red carpet and this will be my second year in a row. We did it last year. So it's just going to keep getting bigger and brighter and we're taking over L.A. Live again and it's going to be interesting.

Good stuff, good stuff. So I know your role reverses from hosting to interviewing and I know you claim yourself as "The King of Daytime TV". What does it take to be "The King of Daytime TV"?
First and foremost, you have to come on at 6:00. That's primetime action. That's when traffic is in and that's just the primetime of the day. 6:00pm is when everything goes down and that's when you want to watch the news so when you're on primetime TV, and I'm the youngest dude on primetime TV, I got to go and crown myself the king of that because if I don't, then who else will?

Right. So I know as a host of 106 & Park, you have interviewed a lot of people. What was the best interview for you during your time?
Tyra Banks, no doubt.

And what was the worst?
That might be a question for Keshia. Keshia has some historic 106 moments.

Speaking of that, how would you have handled that situation?
Things happen, you know. It's not the first time in television history where you see something steer left or steer right. It's our job as journalists to ask questions and it's up to the person getting asked the questions to answer them the proper way. It's not us; it's how you take it in. It was a cool viral moment and people had fun with it and it made the show even hotter. Although we didn't really need it, it had the press talking and I'm sure it helped August a little bit too. He came back and apologized so you know it's all good. You're going to have those situations and I've had those situations at BET so like I said, it's all good. Things happen and you move on.

Alright. So we also know you're hosting and we know you also do acting, but your primary goal is that you're also a rapper. I know you have a collaboration with Ne-Yo called "Team Us", how is that coming along?
It's getting ready to be mixed. I would say that it's going to be the first big, national record. People don't understand that for me it's hard because I have 5 to 6 different jobs and I even put a father role in there too because I'm a father so it's like I have to be a rapper, an actor, a host, part of the clothing line… I juggle it all so it's hard. When I came to 106, I didn't want to bombard it with music. I could've did that, I could've came to 106 and said, "Yo, I got eight videos and I'm loaded." But I didn't want the people to watch 106 for that because then it would've turned into a Bow Wow show and it would've went off air after like two weeks. So what I wanted to do was come in and show dudes that I'm not like these rappers who you watched get something and they get it because they're a rapper. No, I get something when I get it because I'm a host and you're going to respect me as a host. For my first year and a half, I wanted to show the host and I didn't care about people saying "He's corny" or anything like that because I'm the host and I'm gonna do some corny sh*t. How I put everything into perspective is that the rapper is going to be the rapper and the rapper doesn't need to come into 106 & Park but I have some ideas for when it's time to premiere my new video. It might be Mr. 106 interviewing Bow Wow in the same show; I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I'm already working on. It's hard but I get it done.

Alright well any other projects music wise that you having coming up?
Of course. We have the Rich Gang album coming out and that's the second album. I'm on there as well and that's going to have myself, Wayne, Nicki, Drizzy and the whole entire family on that one. Of course more movies too, we're going to keep that coming. We got liquor coming and just so much more.

Alright and if you were stuck on that island, what kind of sneakers would you be wearing?
Some Nike flip-flops, that's one. Some Jordan flip-flops, that's two. Number three, some Gucci flip-flops. Number four, some Louis flip-flops. I got to be swagged out cause if I'm on an island I'm not going there with any J's!

So I know you're always busy with a lot going on but I know you have some down time and I know you watch basketball, so what's your favorite team?
I was rooting for the Bulls this year but next year is going to be tough. I was rocking with LeBron before he got the ring because you know we're both from Ohio but I'm the type of dude to root for the underdog up until you start winning so now I want like Derrick Rose and Melo to get theirs now. Once you got yours, I'm off of you.

Now I know you play NBA 2K so who do you usually use to play?
The Bulls.

But you know OKC and the Spurs are in so who you are going for for the finals?
None of them. I'm more of like a legacy person so all honesty although I don't have a favorite team, I don't want to see the Spurs get it because we've seen them do it too many times. I'm not the biggest Russell Westbrook fan, KD is cool, but I like to live in the moment where we can witness greatness and right now it's LeBron's time and it only makes sense for LeBron to crown himself as the king. I would love to see him get his third ring before the Heat dismantles and starts bringing in new faces. LeBron here's a message, homie: Get the third ring right now!

And you heard it here on Dopeness! Now like I said before, you are tied up with a lot of things and you're also a father. I know you have your little daughter, Shai Moss. I know last year you took her to Disney World and her birthday was about last month so what did you guys do?
I took her to LEGOLAND this year because she's been asking me saying, "I want to go to LEGOLAND, daddy!" She is so dope. Being that she's a female, I feel like if my daughter chooses to want to get anywhere close in this room, she'll be bigger than me. She's a woman so she'll be able to keep it going and it's my job to tell her what traps to watch out for. But yeah, she's a character already.

Wow! So you heard it here with Bow Wow: Mr. Entertainment, Mr. BET, and Mr. Entrepreneur. Thank you for the interview Bow Wow and it was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you. So that's it Dopeness. Bow Wow is Dopeness, Dopeness is Bow Wow.
We don't sell dope, we just like to do dope sh*t!


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