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The Sizzling Candace Smith

Candace Smith is a force too hot to be messed with. Being a Daytona native, Candace is an American lawyer, actress, model, and beauty queen. Candace was a contestant on Survivor: Tocantins so she's already has the brawn power to back up her timeless beauty. Candace won the title of Miss Ohio USA 2003 in Portsmouth, Ohio. Then she went on to represent Ohio in the Miss USA 2003 in San Antonio, Texas.

Breaking into acting and displaying her beauty Candace was one of "Barker's Beauties" on The Price Is Right game show. She went on to play roles on Fox's Method & Red, HBO's Entourage and NBC's Joey, Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest, The Slammin' Salmon and The Babymakers. She also appeared in David Ayer's End of Watch, as a distressed mother who receives help from Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. In her most recent film, Candace plays the lead female role in "My Father, Die" written and directed by Sean Brosnan and produced by Pierce Brosnan.

Candace attended the University of Dayton on a full academic scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Communications, I mean can't expect nothing less from Miss Ohio herself. Candace attended law school at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. After passing the Ohio Bar exam in 2002, Candace began practicing commercial real estate law at the largest law firm in Ohio which was actually the same time she won the title of Miss Ohio USA.

Having a Bachelor's in Psychology its only right that she goes in the matchmaker business right? In 2014, Candace joined Bravo's 8th season of "The Millionaire Matchmaker" as the Director of Recruiting working with Patti Stanger. The premiere episode of the 8th season was the most watched in the history of the series with 1.5 million viewers. So Dopeness caught up with Candace to pick her brain and get the scoop about her life, career and well whatever else she wants to tell us, we promise you that you'll love it, read on.

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How you start your days throughout the week? okay, every morning I start off with a glass of lemon water, I really do. And then I take the time to look over my schedule; I am a big list maker, I'm old school, I write everything down. I have a schedule book and I have lists everywhere, so I go over the daily list, it's very unusual, if I can complete 75% of the tasks that I give it an effort every day. Then after I look at how hectic my day is going to be is when I turn my phone off and I have prayer time and I usually try to do it, it's like my meditation prayer-time, like 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day. I hate when I'm rushing and I miss it because it's just so important for me to take the time and focus on everything that I have to be grateful for, because it can be overwhelming with everything I'm juggling between acting, producing, Millionaire Matchmaker, and then so many other goals I have in the future. So it can be overwhelming and so focusing in on what I have to be grateful for is very important to the beginning of my day. And then I like to get a workout in, I love to work out outside seeing that's the whole purpose of living in LA is I get to be outside versus a gym. So I run, I'm a runner so I usually try to get in a quick run.I get a good workout in and then I go. My days are always packed even weekends because if it's not something that I already have in place professionally then there is something I want to accomplish; whether it's developing a new show, whether it's updating my reel, whether it's me trying to develop and create my own project. I always have something that I want to do like a goal I want to achieve. So my days are packed. Lately it has been a lot of talk shows, interviews. I just got back from filming a movie so it's like I was in Hanna the movie Zanna for 30 days by myself. If you want to talk about going crazy go to Hanna, Louisiana in a small town, stay in a haunted bed and breakfast and be the lead female in an action film that's like emotionally and physically draining and film 16 hours a day. When I came back I was not normal...this is an amazing opportunity for me to be the lead female and it's a gritty independence produced by Pierce Brosnan it's called 'My father, Die'. And I've always been cast as the pretty girl next door and no one got the opportunity to see my layers and to see who I really am, where I come from. I'm from Dayton, Ohio and I rep my city and who I am, and there's a lot of colours to that and so to get that opportunity was absolutely amazing. Do you feel like you're overlooked a little bit? Do you feel like this is your one chance to do something that you may not get to do again because you've been overlooked in your roles? oh yeah, I mean I was hungry for that reason. I was a beast about it for that reason because first of all there aren't that many roles out there like that and then in this city it's like the same actresses are on rotation and it's been like that for me for 11 years, where I come close to really big projects and then it's the same people you always see, all the time. So this film was amazing and it was demanding being the lead female and the lead male is deaf and mute. So the material it was all really demanding and challenging physically too; I had a lot of stunts but I definitely I am so grateful for the opportunity to finally show what I can do. What do you feel like was the hardest thing in terms of stepping your game up and becoming the lead actress, like what do you think you had to change? I think for me it was finally feeling comfortable to reveal the true essence of Candace and allow her to be always present, unfiltered versus being watered down and diluted by what I felt I should be and what other people felt I should be because I'm Miss Ohio, USA 2003, because I have a law degree, because I'm educated and I look like a pretty little black Barbie. What I was supposed to be is setting that all aside and really allowing Candace to shine. Now, Candace is a lawyer, she's an actress, she's a model, she's a connector and you're now on TV. Did you ever feel that this was going to all exist together at one time? hahaha, no, not at all, I did not see any of this coming. If you had talked to me last year and you told me "Candace you're going to be a new matchmaker on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker," I would say get out of here, like what are you even talking about. I've been a life coach since college. I graduated with a psychology degree. It's always been just natural to me to connect with people and I'm a giver and I understand people. I consider myself to be pretty intuitive and I love people and matchmaking was always a part of my life coaching, but never did I see that intertwining with the entertainment world and me working with Patti Stanger. When the opportunity first came to me I didn't believe it. I don't think I believed it until like after I worked with Patti for like a full week and I was like this is really happening, this is real. And when the filming of the show started and we're on camera doing this and matchmaking people it was like it was surreal, so no. And then to have that airing while a show that I'm a producer on, on We TV, the Black Batchelor show match made in heaven is on TV. And then while all those shows are on TV, I auditioned a few times and got the lead female role for 'My father, Die' and go down to Louisiana, I had a two day notice and go down there for 30 days while my shows are on. While your shows are on TV, so you're not even thinking about what's on TV, now your focus is just on I need to land this role; I need to get this role for so many different reasons, that's crazy! right, yeah.You know honestly I didn't feel any pressure to land the role and that's probably why I did land it. I think that part of what I was saying earlier as far as how I was able to get to this place where I could go in and feel confident and feel good and audition and get a lead female role was the fact that I was finally in a good place and comfortable with myself. So when it came to the audition I went in there really confident and felt good about who I am and what I bring to the table. So I didn't have like unnecessary pressure on me. So that's what makes a better role for Candace, you would say is if there's no pressure it's just a relaxed situation then you can just get right to it? Yeah you're in a good space. Okay let's just start off here. You went to school for Media and Communications and Law. It's not everyday somebody gets to go through two different interests. What made you mesh the two together? well to be honest when I started college I was on a full academics and being I'm the first person in my family to go to college I was told to either be a doctor or a lawyer. So I never really felt the freedom to take my time to explore what it is I was really passionate about, what I really wanted to do. So I was kind of like on cruise control. And originally I was pre-med and then after organic chemistry I was like I'm not doing this that was like in my second year. was pre-med boring for you, what was that about? Yeah I just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't into it. And so then I was like maybe I should explore being a lawyer well I already have these pre-med credits what can I do that makes sense and then that's when I decided to go into psychology. So actually my degree is a Bachelor in Psychology but I have a minor in Media and Communications. I actually did a program at the University of London for Media and Communications too. So it was a matter of me starting off pre-med, not feeling it and trying to figure out okay what is it that I'm interested in and it was psychology. And then I thought okay well I can get a psychology degree and I can go a couple of different routes including law school, which is what I ultimately decided to do. Now you mentioned London is that where you got bit by the acting bug, is that where it all started for you in terms of wanting to be on TV? oh my soul. You know the bug bit me when I was a little girl I mean I was a natural born... from dance class to my local date and playhouse. I mean I was in theatre camp and I was like 5, I was born dramatic really. But being in London, the theatre there is so amazing like on the west end and off the west end...and then like when you're a student it's like you get student discount to all the plays and musicals. And then you go to a matinee and it's even cheaper. So it's like all my free time was at the theatre in London and I really started to feel the acting bug then, but I was still kind of torn because my family wanted me to get my education and it was like "Oh but that's what I really want to do." But even while I was in Chicago in law school I studied there at Atlas Studios, I had an agent and I did little things then even while I was a lawyer, well in law school. Now being a lawyer it's more on the serious end, do you find it hard to get back to the fun when you're doing entertainment projects or you're acting on television? no my life is all fun now. I mean that's why I left law, it wasn't fun I was just doing contracts every day. And let's not get it twisted this profession is not easy; the entertainment profession is not easy at all. I had a talk with somebody today, like what you have to go through, like the rejection you deal with on a daily basis, like you have to be built for this and even if you are built for it and you see it happen it's like so many amazing people that have been in this industry and been so successful for decades and it can get the best of you. Because I don't think people who aren't in this industry can quite grasp how much someone invest in something of their heart, their soul and who they are and you see very little return on that investment. If you think about how many auditions and meetings that someone goes to, in a 10 year periodic that I went on before I got a lead female role, the number of no's I've received, the number of negative critiques that said, "Why would she even try to act, she's just a pageant girl, she just does reality- like she's not a real actress," I mean to overcome that it's not easy. So my whole take on life nowadays and with my career in life is it has to be fun. If I can't find the humour in it like I laugh all day long, that's why when people watch Millionaire Matchmaker it's like my laugh is very distinct and you hear it in every episode. Because even when things are the most tense and Patti like giving it like she's on one, I'm laughing because it's like at the end of the day like I have to be having fun because it's not easy. So I have fun all the time even like filming that intense film in Louisiana, I mean every little moment I could find some comedy I would find it. I have fun; I have a lot of fun. I'm glad you have a lot of fun, let's back up a little bit. When the idea came about for you to enter the pageant in 2003 to actually get this thing going, to represent Ohio what was going through your mind? You know I honestly did not anticipate winning Ms. Ohio. It was kind of like I took off for a weekend, I was practicing law full and went to Portsmouth and competed. And I remember when I left from the office like that Friday and I said, "I'm going to compete for Ms. Ohio I'll see you guys on Monday," everybody had jokes, they laughed at me. People have been laughing at me for a long time. But I was like okay and that's just my whole thing about allowing other people to create limitations on yourself professionally and personally. Most of the limitations we have are from other people like it's been engrained in us by society, culture, our family, our close friends that you believe you cannot do something and it's just a matter of changing or shifting the way you view things. But I was like well I'm open to the possibilities. So I went and I won and then I came back Monday and everybody was like, "Oh how did you do?" I was "I won, I'm Miss Ohio," and they're like "What!" I'm like "Yeah, I got to go Miss USA and compete in a couple weeks so I got to wrap up some cases." And it was like what are you talking about. Like the partners at the law firm were like this can't be real. I want to know how do you look at society when touching on different projects, when you're going on to do other things and people are saying, "Oh well she's a model, oh well she's an actress why does she want to do so many different things." How do you deal with that? I think the biggest thing for me is just blocking it out. Number one, the key in this business is not seeking outside affirmation; I think that's important in life period. So you have to have it on your own, it can't be how many followers you have or what somebody tells you like day to day, because it can change. So you have to have that affirmation like within yourself and my faith plays a big part in that. But I'm a little bit of a rebel, I grew up like this tomboy beast, I grew up in Dayton Ohio, like if you know you know, if you don't you don't. Like some people meet me and they know "Oh," and I'm like "Yeah you know." it's crazy because your voice doesn't match what I was looking at. Like I was seeing this soft little girl, just chill. You seem like you like to have fun, you like to turn up, you like to just live life and this is what it's about, it's about learning different people and different parts of their life. Yeah and I love people and I'm going to tell you right now being in this business can be so fake. And it's like I have to keep it real, like I'm the happiest I've been since I really like let everything go and I say the things everyone else is thinking that they will not say. I call people out I'm like; "Yow that's super whack, you cannot do that," and people are like "Wow, she did not just say that." There's a lot of moments on the show where I say things and people are like "I can't believe she said that." It's like well I got to be true to me. So the way I deal with people, and their opinions, their judgment, on what I want to explore next is I block it out. It's like people say "Oh if you're on reality TV you can't be a good actress or you can't be taken seriously as a good actress." Well there's a lot of people on reality TV that can't act but I'm not one of them. But who said I can't to do both, who said it and why do they say it and why am I supposed to believe it? I am one of those people that questions authority and questions everything, I always have since I was a little girl. That's what we like about you,you go against the grains and you're not afraid to do what you want to do. Yeah it's something I got from practicing law and moving to LA, I mean that was extreme. Well you know what you've lived a bunch of lifestyles; I mean carrying different hats and doing different things, you've probably seeing a million plus things that a regular person wouldn't get to see wearing one hat. Just being Miss Ohio, USA that's a giant accolade and people must treat you a certain way or expect you to act a certain way, talk a little bit about that. yeah definitely. Being Miss Ohio, USA I've always had expectations of how I'm supposed to conduct myself; the way I talk, the way I act, the way I dress, who I'm friends with, what I do, what I say and that's been really difficult for me over the years, and this has been happening over time for the last 12 years. I won. And that's the way to be. You make me feel so good talking to you because I really felt like it was just going to be a one-dimensional conversation, this just shows me how many different dimensions a person can have and I'm excited. Now you spoke about wine a little bit, what's your favorite wine? You know what I love a good Sauvignon Blanc and some of the best is in New Zealand. And I went to New Zealand like three or four years ago for the Rugby Cup and I did like a whole road trip from the top down to Wellington and I went to a wine country there and I had some of the best food and best wine I've ever had in my life in New Zealand. I tend to like red; so I like a good French Bordeaux or Pinot Noir, but if I can get Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, I'm really happy. But I'm also like a bourbon girl and I like beer, but I don't drink sweet or fruity drinks or anything like that. You're a beast, you've been travelling the world for a long time now. How old are you like 25/26? I'm 38, hahahaha. Well you don't even look it. Thank you. Nothing done on my face. You know it's so funny I still get carded like I have dinner tonight I didn't have make up on or nothing and I ordered a Sake and they're like, "Can we see your ID?" I'm like sure. I celebrated my birthday while I was filming the movie, like I don't even think about birthday, or age or anything I feel the best I've ever felt in my life, like I just keep getting better so it doesn't even affect me.

The Irresistible Kristen DeLuca

Kristen DeLuca is a prolific actress, rapper and stuntwoman in Hollywood. She is preparing for her lead role in the Edgar Allen Poe story "Ligeia," where she plays the title character 'Ligeia.' Kristen stars in the horror film "Gold Rush, which will be in theaters this Fall, in time for Halloween. She is also a series regular on Will Ferrell's 'Funny or Die' online series, "Space Spring Break." Later this year, Kristen makes her foray as a female rapper. She releases her first single in April 2015, collaborating with several known rappers on this initial release. Outside of acting, she showcases her entrepreneurial aspirations. Kristen is in the process of creating a brain cancer foundation in loving memory of her mother who passed away in 2008 from the disease. She is big advocate for several pitbull societies and rescues, with both her pitbull and Kristen featured in the "Hounds and Heroes" celebrity campaign.


How did you get started, what was your first big break in the entertainment industry? Well, technically I got started in Entertainment/In the Spotlight when I was around 3 years old in gymnastics, ballet, then competitive all-star cheerleading on ESPN, beauty pageants, etc. My first "modeling" work began during college when I worked at Hooters. I was in their calendar 4 years and then won the international title of "Calendar Girl of the Year" in 2006. That timeframe is when I started posing for Playboy too. After graduation from the University of South Florida, I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams in Acting. How did you get into Acting? I didn't know a single person in LA when I first moved out here, but I quickly mingled, networked my butt off and knocked on every door of opportunity imaginable. Luckily for me, I have a very persistent attitude and because of my modeling background and the name I had already created for myself from many magazine publications, people were quick to want to include me in their projects. It was all a snowball effect from there, and the work just kept coming in. I was very blessed, and never took that for granted. You were a gymnast, cheerleader and dancer. It never cross your mind to turn one of these talents into a full fledge profession? No, honestly it never did. Mainly because of the fact that since I started at such a young age and continued through to college, my body was shot! The damage on my joints, bones, back and knees has been horrible. I had to stop before it was too late. Which is why I did not cheer in college like I was supposed to :( I love it all, but athletic careers have a very short shelf life, and I always had to look at the bigger picture. What's your favorite character played on your list of roles? My favorite roles are always the dark, creepy, mysterious roles. My specialty is horror films. I love the feeling it gives me to play a crazy lunatic killer, or a ghost haunting a house. It's such a "high" to make people scared of you, haha You were in a new horror movie "gold rush", what can we expect to see from your character? Gold Rush has an anticipated Release Date later this year! I'm very excited about it especially because I'm a Lead character in it, and I got to work alongside 2 of my best friends. I can't reveal too much about it, but I will say that it's honestly my favorite horror role that I have ever portrayed. My character has so many different sides to her, and the audience gets to witness her subtle changes throughout the film. I'm addicted to the dark & sinister roles and this movie definitely fulfilled that addiction for me. The movie premieres right around Halloween, how special is that for the cast? If everything goes as planned, it should be coming out right around the spookiest time of year. For any actor who is in a horror film, that is the ultimate gratification right there. Halloween (my favorite holiday ever!!!) and a scary flick that you Star in being released at the same time is like getting a million dollar bill put into your candy bag while trick-or-treating in your costume that night! You were involved in projects like "live nude girls" and 'Fast & Furious 4", No 'Fast & Furious 7"? I;m sure you were asked to be a part of the sequel after 4, no? Well, something many people don't know about me is that 99% of every role, project, red carpet I've walked on, modeling gig, promotion, interviews, etc have all come from ME getting the work/exposure for myself. I've had a few agents and managers throughout the years, which have all been such wonderful people. But, I can honestly say that projects I've actually BOOKED because of them getting me the actual audition would literally be about 2 or 3 things on my resume (IMDB page). Because of that, I decided to not have any Representation for a while now. It has suited me better. Less stress and drama too. But, on the flipside it's more difficult for legitimate people to get in touch with me to work on projects since that "middle man" doesn't exist anymore. So, many things have fallen through the cracks because of that, but everything happens for a reason in my mind and where I'm at today is where I'm supposed to be (even though that means not being a part of FF7). You also work with "Funny Or Die", what's it like working with Will Ferrell? Well, I have been lucky to work with his company "Funny Or Die" for many years now. I've Starred in numerous Exclusive sketch comedy skits with celebrities, and was a series regular in their web-series "Space Spring Break". Will Ferrell himself has not been involved as an actor in any of the projects I worked on YET, but hopefully down the road I will get to act alongside my comedy idol!!!! In less that a week or so, you will be presented to the world as an artist, you excited or what? With every aspect of Entertainment, there is always the possibility of timeframe changes (haha! story of my life!). My first single got pushed back a bit for its release, but it won't be much longer....and YES I am excited beyond belief!!! Finally my words will be heard by everyone (I write all of my own songs, which have much deep meaning behind them) and I will be able to show everyone that I still got my sexy hip-hop dance moves :) You're not just an artist, you're rapping, let's talk about your first single? Rap has always been a huge influence in my life ever since I was in grade school. I went to private catholic school and I used to rap all the snoop dogg songs to my girlfriends during recess. They all thought I was crazy, but I'll never forget that. I wouldn't have imagined that I could become like someone I've always looked up to (Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, etc). But, opportunities presented themselves and here I am today with several songs were written, music videos about to be filmed and more recording time in the studio soon.

My first single talks a lot about how men view women, especially women who are independent and successful on their own terms and have never needed a man to financially take care of them. Also, it focuses on the women who don't sleep around and are true to themselves and the men they date. I want Hip-Hop to be viewed in a better light, and my songs will hopefully start to make that happen. The single is off of your new project, what's the name of it, any features? Is there a certain artist or actor that you want to work with before 2015 is wrapped? The album is currently untitled. To be honest, I'm very good with words and I love to write. But, when I have to choose ONE word to describe an entire song, let alone an entire album it's like pulling teeth for me! haha, I become such a procrastinator about it because I get too indecisive. So, I have a few chosen titles and I'm gonna leave it up to the guys I'm working with, to narrow it down and make that decision.

There are many many many people I want to work with in the future. My goals for Rap would be Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa. What are you listening to in your car on your way to work besides yourself of course? Haha funny you say that because when I'm driving I do put some of my stuff on so that I can practice more with "myself" and it inspires me with more ideas or to make some changes on current things before they're finalized. Aside from that, I constantly listen to hiphop on the radio, and I pop in some oldschool CD's with Ludacris, Cash Money Millionaires, Tupac, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eazy E, Too Short, Nappy Roots, Ja Rule, The Game, and alot of DirtySouth type artists too. Besides being an actress & an artist, you're also an entrepreneur. Do you enjoy having multi-facets to push to the world? I've never been one to not be busy. For me, I'm such an over-achiever that it literally is physically exhausting many days. But I wouldn't want it to be any other way :) My mind is constantly going creating ideas and thinking of ways to help other people or incorporate certain projects with others. There's never enough hours in the day for me. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking a break or enjoying a "day off". But I'm learning to have more balance in my life, we all need that! You own a cleaning service in LA. how did that come about? I started doing some cleaning work for a company about 6 years ago, in between acting roles for additional income because I didn't want to have to get a "job" in the restaurant business again. By doing cleaning, it's on my own time and usually on my own schedule. Very flexible which helped me accelerate even more in my career. From there I decided to create my own little company which has been ME doing all the work, sometimes I bring in a girlfriend or 2 to help out. Every client is referral based only, and word of mouth. I won't work with anyone I don't personally know, or it has to be someone who comes highly recommended from a close friend of mine. Being a woman in LA can be dangerous, so I would never put myself in a situation where I could be too vulnerable. It's not a full-time gig by any means, and I haven't really had time to for a while now to even do much of it. But, if someone contacts me I do try to help them out when I can :) (cleaning is very therapeutic, especially when you're a girl with OCD! haha) So, LA is home right now? Yes, I've lived in LA for about 9 years already. It's definitely "home", but I'm lucky to have a 2nd place to go to a lot in Florida and also in Ohio where my family is. When's the last time you payed a visit to Ohio or Florida? I literally just got back from Miami a few days ago from a photo shoot. I was in Ohio during November, under horrible circumstances though because my Father Passed Away :( Your Mom battled Brain Cancer which inspired you to create a foundation. I want to say RIP to your Mom. Talk more about your foundation and what you look to offer with the creation of it? Thank you very much for your kind words. The foundation that I've been working on will be dedicated in her name "Sherri DeLuca" and the emphasis of it is to help with diagnosing other people of specific brain tumors as soon as possible from symptom detection, and offering more knowledge and information to people (especially ones who cannot afford the horrendous healthcare financial obligations that result from Cancer Treatment). There are so many different treatments available, and each person should be able to choose what is right for them. It will be to raise money for families who need help and also for more intense research to be done to find cures and better replacements to doing chemotherapy. You're also an advocate of pit bull society. How long have you been infatuated with pit bulls? pit bulls are the most misunderstood and negatively bashed breed out there. It breaks my heart because these dogs are the most docile, loving and caring creatures of all. They used to be known as "nanny dogs" back in the day because they literally would watch over infants and cuddle with them. NOT violent beasts, but nurturing and caring creatures. I had a Pit when I lived in Florida named Cookie, and I have one here in LA named Nestle (like the chocolates). I adopted them both. I plan to adopt several more of them at some point down the road once I have a home with a fenced in yard. It's all about how you raise an animal, that is where the temperament stems from. They are not biologically destined to be killers or violent devils, like the world makes them out to be!!! What's the name of your pit bull? Nestle's Crunch DeLuca :) Let's talk about Hounds and Heroes celeb campaign that you and your dog were featured in. Hounds and Heroes are truly amazing. My friend Bonnie-Jill Laughlin is the Founder of the this nonprofit that is dedicated to basically lift the spirits of active/wounded/veteran military troops worldwide, and also to create awareness/education about the cruelty to animals and helps teach about options for rescue/foster/adoption. I was honored to be a part of their organization with my dog, especially because my grandfather fought in WW2 so for me this was a tribute to him while also honoring my rescue Pit at the same time. Let's rewind time for a sec, you graduated top of your class cum laude at USF with a BS in criminology, do you ever feel like your degree was a waste being that doing everything other that that? Nope, not at all because I intentionally went to college to get a degree for the sole purpose of proving my knowledge, being taken more seriously in LA having an education, and to make me a more well-rounded person and gaining maturity during those years. I never anticipated using a degree for anything because I already knew I would be in Entertainment. But, I also knew that it wouldn't be smart to move to LA right after high school as an 18-year young girl. I have no regrets, and I know I did it exactly how I was supposed to. Plus, my degree has helped me a lot with certain roles I've played as a lawyer and with many of the horror movies too. I specialized in learning about the minds of Serial Killers and what turns people to live a life of crime and murder. It's very interesting to say the least. The only regret I have is paying "out of state tuition" for 5 years!!!!! Student Loans haunt me in my sleep, hahaha If you weren't doing acting and the artist thing, what would you be doing? I'm actually getting involved in becoming a Motivational Speaker and a Spiritual Life Coach. Something that has been on my mind a lot and many people have suggested I get into it, so I started that journey now too. No matter what, in some way/shape or form my life will be involved around something Entertainment related, especially when it comes to me being able to help other people reach their goals in this industry. I hear you're kickboxing these days in your spare time. How is the certification coming along? I love kickboxing! It's my favorite cardio and full body workout. My goal is to become a certified instructor before the end of this summer!

The Enchanting Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexiss is a curvy, bright, professional model. She may only stand at 5'4, but that hasn't stopped her from being an internationally published glamour model with social media numbers to really show how savvy this woman is. Ashley has worked with many companies such as Playboy, American Curves, Maxim, and American Honey whiskey. Her curvy physique is what sets her apart from others in the industry. Alexiss has also used her social media numbers for a better cause with the creation of Cleavage for the CURE; a breast cancer campaign she created in October 2012. Although she has accomplished many great things, she's still climbing the ladder to success and plans to be a well known role model for men and women everywhere to never give up on their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

INTERVIEW BY Christine Davis

Your body is phenomenal. Walk us through how you keep your body in tiptop shape? Honestly, it's all about moderation and exercise, but keeping it fun. I don't deprive myself of anything – truth is, I love sweets too much haha But I do make sure to eat more good than bad and exercise a little more on the days I indulge a little more. Cleavage for the Cure, What inspired you to start this breast cancer campaign? My Nanna was my inspiration for this incredible campaign. It's my baby. Two things that you would never think to go together, is what created it. My Nanna being diagnosed with cancer and me getting a breast augmentation. Keep reading, I promise it'll make sense haha When my Nanna passed of cancer, I had to clean out some of my drawers to make room for the things I'd be receiving from the cleaning of her apartment and I came across an entire dresser of all my photoshoot clothes, bras, all that fun stuff that you couldn't pay my chest to fit into ever again after being enhanced. The majority of the bras were new, some even still had tags, so I autographed them & auctioned them off on eBay and donated the proceeds to breast cancer foundations. What other projects are you working on? What are some of your career goals? Right now I'm working on my swimwear line, ALEXISS. It's a line dedicated to larger chested women because apparently they're the unicorns to the fashion world and aren't catered towards. I wanted to create a line that not only supported a woman's curves, but also brought out their confidence to show them off. alexisswimwear.com We hear the word glamour! What does being a Glamour girl mean to you? Ultimately, it means confidence. You cannot be sexy without confidence. You have to love every single little bit of you and to me, that's what being a glamour girl is all about. What do you want your fans to learn from you? What do you want people to aspire to be? I want them to learn that people can say what they want, but it comes down to how you feel about yourself. I aspire to just be a role model of some sort. I want to be a reason someone doesn't give up on their dreams just because they don't fit the stereotype. I know you have a huge following, how often do you interact with your friends on the your social pages? Every-Single-Day. Some people have 9-5's, I have a 24-7 haha Take a look at your career, is there anything you would change? Absolutely not. Everything that's happened has lead me to right where I am and I'm pretty proud of it because I've done it alone, no management, no agent, and against all odds. It's pretty special and everyday I realize how lucky I am to have the determination and thick skin to keep pushing on.

The Beautiful Raquel Rischard

Raquel is a Southern California native born near the beautiful beaches of LA County. From a young age she has found herself drawn to the beauty and glamor of the preforming arts and the high paced world of the fashion and entertainment industries in Hollywood.The modeling industry quickly took notice of raquel early on shooting consistently in both print and catalogue ads. Chosen to be in the Playboys 50th anniversary lingerie cover model in 2004. modeling for mens magazines such as playboy maxim , fhm ,and esquire.

It is from these years that she found her true calling not by being in front of the camera but behind working with the industries leaders as a model she was always learning and further developing her eye for the true hollywood glamor look.

INTERVIEW BY Christine Davis

Many say that you're the one who should always be in front of the camera because you're absolutely gorgeous, but what makes you so passionate about being behind the camera? I like being able to make the magic happen, and be in charge of the whole shoot situation. I have I ideas that I want to see through, and shooting is the way to make them happen. Among your works, which one is your favorite and why? All of my work is different while still maintaining me in all of them, it's hard to choose a favorite because, I like each of them for a different reason. Some of them bring back a certain memory, or moment that I am particularly found, or where just a show my growth as a photographer. But I would have to say ...., Catalina island ; shooting for guess .. We had the whole island at are dispense .. We could shoot anywear ..., it was amazing ! Whose work has influenced you the most? I would say, all the Guess campaigns, that's why it's still so surreal that I'm shooting for them now . Describe your own style of photography. I would describe it was sexy, real and powerful. What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? I always just knew I had fun with it !! I wish I knew how much I loved it, and how much power it gave me to create what I want, because if I would have known, I would have started sooner. Actually I started shooting at age 8 with my lil 80"s Polaroid . Haha What drew you to start photography? The Sex-appeal of it. I think that I have always had a natural interest in photography, that I wasn't even aware of. I think once I realized that I had such an appreciation for the art, I decided that I was going to be apart of it. What do you want viewers/models you shoot to take away from your work? I want them to be able to see through my eyes, to see the beauty is everywhere. I want my work to evoke some sort of emotion. I know Marilyn Monroe is one of your inspirations. What about her inspires you? And how does that tie into your career? Marilyn is timeless, through her photographs you are able to see who she was. You can see how playful, sexy, and real she was. Can you describe how you felt when you were chosen to be in the Playboys 50th anniversary lingerie cover model back in 2004? I was excited, being in such a well known magazine, and especially for their 50th anniversary is such a privilege.

But I never wanted to be naked (laughs). Even though I adore shooting naked woman, I just knew my dad would flip out if I was naked anywhere.


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