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Has a beautiful girl ever made you laugh so hard it Hurts? Well, Amanda Cerny does it so well we just had to give her the cover with Grace, beauty and humor that packs one hell of a punch. You might know Amanda for her awesome Vine videos or her steamy and seductive playboy videos. However, Amanda is also a working actor and a professional butt-kicker! keep reading and we'll tell you why.

WRITTEN BY Christine Davis
Twitter @AmandaCerny
Instagram @AmandaCerny

Amanda Cerny, also known as MMA Amanda, is a sight to behold. As a former Miss October, she is a one of a kind beauty! However, there is more to the beauty than meets the eye. She holds a black belt in Taekwondo, hence the nickname, but she gets it from her Momma! Momma "Cerny" [Reed] is a master of Taekwondo and owns the biggest karate school in the state of Florida; So it was natural for her daughter learn from the master. Health is also a big aspect of Amanda's life outside of martial arts. She has numerous tips for abs development, working out, and eating healthy. When she is not acting, modeling or working out, she can be seen touring and hosting events. Her growth has been profound in Amanda's in her hosting profession. She has hosted premier clubs, from SLS Life and Pacha, to MC'ing 6,000 person EDM events with Dirty Dutch Entertainment and Electric Festival. Amanda regularly touches down in a different country each day, skipping across the continents to enthrall fans at the most famous events in the world. Moreover, Amanda co-founded the charity Play Foundation. Play Foundation is a global foundation with a vision to improve social issues and a mission to build better playgrounds for the children of tomorrow. "I want children to enjoy their youth while building social skills as well as their basic core values". She has been also active in Haiti relief efforts and works with Timkatec charity organization.


A lot of the viners are just crazy; they're just so full of energy and so creative. So it's a lot of random things that we end up doing...

Now let's get into her world of social media for a bit. After achieving a following of over 3 million fans across her social media platforms, Amanda has proven to be a prolific hit maker in creating entertaining content for social media and most of all a catalogue of highly successful viral videos ever since. She has produced many different collaboration videos with such acts as fellow viner king Bach and more across her social media channels along with well-known celebrities from John Stamos to Justin Bieber which single-handedly received an impressive 24 Million view count on vine.

Amanda is focusing her career in expanding her online following and furthering her mainstream acting career in Hollywood. She has landed roles in television series "Hello Ladies" on HBO to feature film roles in Hollywood movies (i.e. Pain and Gain).

The skies the limit for Amanda and her fury in the comedic world are well founded. Hey did we mention she'll only 23! Quite the list of accomplishments for the 23-year old. Cerny is definitely a storm to ready for, "Batten down the hatches for hurricane Cerny!" Check out the Her Dopeness Interview on the next pages in. Enjoy!

"...my main focus is building my career so dating's not the focus right now. Sorry boys!

In 2011, you were featured in Playboy as Miss October, what was it like headlining a magazine like Playboy?
It was an amazing experience. It gave me this awesome platform to build off of and move into different parts of my career. It really let me further myself in acting and move out to LA to build that part of my interests. So it gave me a great opportunity to explore everything I can do!

I hear your mom is the master of taekwondo, do you know any martial arts?
Yeah, my mom is awesome. She is a master of taekwondo, and owns the largest karate school in the state of Florida. So naturally when I was younger, my sisters and I did all Marshal Arts until I was about 13 when I became a black belt. After that I was like 'okay, I'm going to do track and cross country instead' so I moved on from it, but it was fun.

As far as martial arts goes you have just landed a role as MMA Amanda, how did that come about?
When I first came out to LA I was asked to host various events. One of those was with Black Belt TV. So since my mom was in Taekwondo, it seemed an obvious fit that I was a model and host while still being able to be in the world of martial arts. So they called me MMA Amanda! It was a cool name to have I guess. I love when fans come up with endearing nick-names.

You were born in Pennsylvania yet you went to high school in Florida, which state holds the most memorable moments of today?
That's hard to say, I've travelled so much growing up. So I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Connecticut and South Florida so they all kind of hold a certain memories for me, but I love Florida so much. I mean I went to high school and college there so that's probably the winner.

You're an event host for Dirty Dutch entertainment what's the latest events you've hosted in 2015?
I worked a lot with Dirty Dutch; I helped them with their social media and their event promotions, so naturally I would do appearances or MC their events as a part of that. They're like family to me though, and a really great company. For people that don't know, they're a European company that hosts DJs but most people don't realize they're also a 360 record label. So, hosting their events was great because it introduced me to a whole different world outside of the modeling and acting worlds; but it was just for a minute.

Amanda you seem to have a lot of fun and live in the moment according to your Instagram, what has been your craziest adventure in life so far?
My craziest adventure in life I think would have been my Europe trip when I decided to go by myself and really just explore everything I could. So I did the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, I did the tomato fight; I did everything to just immerse myself in the culture.
But then, I went to Haiti. I had just started my charity organization Play Foundation, and we partnered with an orphanage in the village Timkatec to bring some love and fun and help to the children there. It was amazing to see just how happy the kids were with even a small amount of clothes or time playing games we could bring. I'm still working with them now on other projects, but, it influenced my whole life in a way that you really look at everything that you have what you're receiving and just really appreciating how truly blessed I've been.

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You are doing improv now; do you consider yourself a comedian?
Yeah I have so much fun doing improv. I mean all my friends are comedians so, naturally I get along with them and I love joking around and having fun. Because of vine I've experienced being able to make other people laugh as well which feels really good when I can make other people happy; even if they're laughing at me! (Laughs). So, I'm studying at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) to get even better at it, and hone my comedic timing and really excited for opportunities in television/film where I can do even more.

You're doing so much including acting, modelling, improv and vining do you ever have time for dating?
Dating? (laughs) Yeah, there's always ways to make time for things that you want to do, but my main focus is building my career so dating's not the focus right now. Sorry boys! (Laughs)

I know you like animals so I want to know what's your favorite animal and why?
My favorite animal? I think dogs are my favorite (Laughs). I just had this conversation earlier, they'll just always make you happy, and they love you no matter what. I mean they're great companions. You can work out with them, go for walks and etc. Unfortunately I don't have one right now but once I get more time for one I will. I just don't want to neglect it with my hectic schedule but, I'll get one in the future for sure.

So you're only 23 and you have such a long life ahead of you can you share with me the top five dope things you want to do on your bucket list?
Oh yes! I love bucket lists. So one of them is to go dog sledding in Alaska. Another one is climbing Mount Everest! One of my friends, Jeff Corliss is like this amazing extreme sports guy. If you've ever seen him, he goes in between two cliffs hang gliding! It's crazy. Anyway he also swims with sharks so now that's a recent add to my list! (Laughs). I still have to go New Zealand, and I think I would try hang gliding there. And the fifth thing would be to go to Thailand because, well, I haven't been there yet!

Who in your opinion is the "Dopest" Viner?
The Dopest Viner? I mean, me! (Laughs) But no, I have so many of my friends are in vining and they're all hilarious. Like King Bach, Logan Paul, there's so many of them and they're all good friends so I really can't choose just one. Well, without getting in trouble with them! (Laughs)

All of the top Viners, like yourself, seem to know each other and you guys hang out a lot. If I was hanging out with you guys for a day what could I expect?
You could expect to shoot a lot of skits. A lot of the viners are just crazy; they're just so full of energy and so creative. So it's a lot of random things that we end up doing; like riding go-carts down the street, or pulling pranks on random people. So it's a ton of fun, and definitely a different life than I ever expected!


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