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DOPENESS INTERACTIVE / Single Ladies Star Harold “House” Moore Explains Why Only The Dope Survive / 0%

Single Ladies Star Harold “House” Moore Explains Why Only The Dope Survive

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Dopeness Magazine caught up with rising actor & entertainer Harold “House” Moore. You might recognize House from a couple guest appearances on television shows and commercials but he is most commonly known as Terrence on VH1’s Single Ladies. We met up with the Detroit native during New York Fashion Week to discuss life before Hollywood and his future aspirations.

Malcolm: I’m here with the man that needs no introduction, up and coming actor Mr. Harold “House” Moore.  What’s going on sir?

House: What’s up, how are you doing?

Malcolm: Chillin, chillin.  So right now you’re on a TV show that people could recognize you from, Single Ladies. Tell me what it’s like to be a man on a show called Single Ladies.

House: I mean it’s a good sign. That means there’s a lot of availability.  It’s good you know, unfortunately a lot of the women are taken outside of the set but working on the show is attracting because a lot of people identify that if you’re not single, you identify with once being single so it attracts a large demographic of people and it’s fun to work with people like LisaRaye, Leslie-Ann Brandt, LeToya Luckett, Denise Vasi, and Charity Shea. It’s cool and we have a really good cast of beautiful and talented women.

Malcolm: Yes, LisaRaye is legendary it must be good working along side her.

House: Yeah it’s good for me because she took me under her wing from day one.  LisaRaye, Shelby Stone, and Stacy Littlejohn, who is the creator of the show, all took me under their wings and there was always initial interest in me being on the show but at the time I was working on other projects like NYC 22 at the time. It was cool cause I was getting a lot of information and wisdom and things that helped me create longevity by having people in your life like LisaRaye.

Malcolm: And that’s what it’s all about, building that network.  Besides Single Ladies, you’ve had a lot of cameos like Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and CSI.  Is there any role that you haven’t played that you would like to play in the future?

House: I’ve been fortunate to have played an array of roles but if I had to play a role in the future it would have to be something geared towards action.  I like 24, you know, movies with a lot of action, True Blood, just shows like that with a lot of action-based drama. I think in the world and society, people want to be entertained with that type of programming.  For example, The Walking Dead actors do extremely well and people want to see stuff like that.  So something definitely action-based like saving the world or something.

Malcolm:  It’s funny that you say that cause Vampire Diaries and TV shows like where the dead are living, you see a lot of models playing those roles and I know you started off as a model right?

House:  Yeah, I did.  I started off with an agency in Atlanta, GA.  But yeah, they didn’t have The Walking Dead when I first started.  The dynamic has changed so much to where everything is kind of intertwined to where before, a few years ago if you modeled and then you tried to act, it was frowned upon.  When LL and Queen Latifah got into television everyone was like “Oh what are they doing?!” but now I look at them and they are both moguls.  Now we’re in a society where social media has an influence and people who have such a large follower base makes them almost like they’re rock stars without ever even performing a song or doing a movie.  You get these reality stars like Snookie who has become a mini-mogul from a reality show.

Malcolm: One more question, you said you came from New Jersey and you branch out to different places like L.A. and you’re going all across the country right now, is there a place that you call your home that’s your favorite right now?

House: I’m from Detroit so that is where my roots are.  I love Atlanta, that’s like my second home.  I eat well and survive in L.A., so you know, I don’t want to take something from nowhere because all of these places play a very intricate part into who I am and who I plan on being.  My roots are in Detroit, I can always go play golf in Atlanta and chill with my family, and in L.A. I have so much social networking and opportunities and business relationships that evolve you into that mogul status so each place plays their part. You have to switch it up you know.  We coming from Midwest and up north and I tell people in California I think that’s something that makes us different.  When you come from a place that has seasons and change, you have to mentally prepare.  When its springtime and you know it’s gonna rain, you get your rain boots.  When it’s summer time you get your kicks and when it’s winter-time you’re pulling out your Timbs.  When it’s fall you’re in between mittens and stuff.  You know what I’m saying?  So even with your style and your clothes game it teaches you mentally that it’s time for change and that has allowed me to adapt to multiple environments because I know change is inevitable.

Malcolm: Yeah, and you’ve had a lot of change in your career. Besides being a triple threat in entertainment, Harold you also pride yourself on giving back to inner-city youth providing coaching and mentorship with affiliates that include YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and AAU Sports. You are definitely doing a lot, so shout out your social media accounts and where people can follow you.

House: You can follow me at @whozhouse on Instagram and Twitter.  I do respond man, people be shocked and be like “Is this really him? He said ‘hi’ to me!”  We also have a House TV page coming out because I do a lot of stuff creatively as far as content.  We’re creating little projects and parodies and spoofs.  I have a really creative and fun side that not many people get to see.

Malcolm: Alright ladies, so go follow him but don’t get too crazy with the questions.

House: Only the dope survive, shout out to Dopeness Magazine for having me, it’s been a pleasure.  Stay tuned in and you ain’t dope if you ain’t chilling with Dopeness Magazine!



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