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  • Bulgari Sets a Watch Record for Thinnest Self-Winding Watch

    BASEL, Switzerland — You can’t be too rich or too thin, and Bulgari clearly has the rich part down, as evidenced by glimmering signature pieces like its Serpenti Secret high jewelry watch for women, a diamond-encrusted snake in 18-karat white gold that sinfully...

    External Author SourceMarch 28, 2017
  • This Synthetic Silent Desert Installation at the Guggenheim Offers a Place for Solace

    The Guggenheim has a profound legacy of introducing immersive and sometimes controversial installations to the public, including last year’s usable 18K gold toilet by Maurizio Cattelan titled “America.” The highly talked about piece will be followed by a dramatically different installation, formerly called “PSAD Synthetic Desert III” by...

    External Author SourceMarch 26, 2017
  • Herschel Supply x Micky Mouse in Collaboration with Disney

    Herschel Supply will release their second collection in partnership with Disney featuring the world’s most recognizable and iconic character, Mickey Mouse. The Network Pouch, Settlement backpack and Roy Wallet will be available in Navy or White, each color includes a flag patch that pays homage to...

    Dopeness StaffMarch 16, 2016
  • Rihanna Surprises Her Fans By Changing Name of 8th Studio Album And Reveals Cover Art

    As you know It’s been 3 years since singer Rihanna released her last studio album and last night (10/7/15) Rihanna rewarded her die-hard fans by revealing to the world the artwork of her 8th studio album which until now has been known as "#R8" to her fans. However with the...

    Dopeness StaffOctober 8, 2015
  • Marvel Remixes Drake, Future, Missy Elliott & Curren$y Album Covers

    Marvel’s editor-in-chief Alex Alonso has been making his rounds to cross his love for hip-hop with his latest renditions of Marvel comic covers. Covers to hip-hop albums like Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid in Full, Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the 36 Chambers, Nas’ Illmatic, 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and many more...

    Dopeness StaffOctober 2, 2015
  • Nike Decades Sneaker Illustrations

    Stephen Cheetham is an illustrator and graphic artist based in London. He’s produced work for clients such as Google, British Airways, Nike, Penguin, Bloomberg and Oxford University.His latest projects pays tribute to Nike in its Decades. The project is self-initiated that was put together simply because, “I like trainers, specifically Nikes.” The...

    Dopeness StaffJuly 22, 2013
  • HEX x HAZE Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

    HEX teams up with artist Eric Haze to produce a dope new collection for summer. with the familiar patterns of  HEX but the concepts of Haze, this one of a kind collection is the outcome product of both creativity and functionality. This collection has two colorways, black/grey and blue/grey, the Haze collection’s...

    Dopeness StaffJuly 22, 2013
  • Kid Cudi X Flaunt Magazine photographed by Micheal Muller

    Rapper Kid Cudi gets real GQ for flaunt Magazine. The rapper was dressed in Alexander McQueen, Giuseppe Zanotti, Rochambeau, Guidi, Nike, Odd, Cast of Vices and James Banks which was photographed by Michael Muller for the editorial. clean and classy it showed Cudi's mixture of high fashion and street wear, which in...

    Dopeness StaffJuly 22, 2013
  • Looking into the mind of Rick Owens Spring 2014

    Rick Owens is a american fashion designer and has been for many years and his debut at the 2002 new york fashion week booosted him up to the fashion worlds spotlight and Thanks to rappers like Kanye West and ASAP rock/Mob, Rick Owens has made a major impact on...

    Kerem bulutJuly 17, 2013
  • Sculpting Irreverence: Giant Dog Marking Its Territory on Modern Art Museum

    The Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Newport Beach, California recently got a new and …irreverent pet. The 28-foot-tall Labrador marking its territory is entitled “Bad Dog” and was built by Richard Jackson as part of his exhibition Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain- and since he created...

    External Author SourceFebruary 25, 2013
  • Preview: Roa’s “Stop Over” in Brussels

    Roa has returned to his home country of Belgium for a solo show, cleverly titled Stop Over, at BODSON-EMELINCKS in Brussels. The show opened a couple of days ago, and we’ll likely have more coverage soon, but for now here are some preview shots by Henrik Haven of the...

    External Author SourceFebruary 25, 2013
  • Tim Hans shoots… Robbie Conal

    Robbie Conal is the latest artist in our Tim Hans shoots… series, where photographer Tim Hans takes photo-portraits of street artists and we pair Tim’s photos with an interview. RJ Rushmore: What was it like to have your artwork, voice, and likeness featured on The Simpsons? Robbie Conal: It was like...

    External Author SourceFebruary 16, 2013
  • Introducing Zio Ziegler

    Zio Ziegler is one of those artists who I’ve admired for a while, but not given nearly enough attention to on Vandalog. Actually, I’ve hardly mentioned him at all. And maybe it’s good that I didn’t because even though he’s based in SF, I thought he was based in...

    External Author SourceFebruary 9, 2013
  • How to Create Breathtaking Architectural Photographs

    You don’t have to be a career photographer to create dramatic and breathtaking architectural photographs. With a little practice the weekend photographer can learn to create eye-popping images that look as though they had been captured by a professional. You needn’t have the latest, greatest or most expensive equipment....

    External Author SourceFebruary 9, 2013
  • Nether brings “Crumbling Cities” to Weldon Arts in Bushwick, Brooklyn

    I love the way Nether’s graceful portraits of everyday folks — pasted onto abandoned and decaying spaces in his native Baltimore – interact with their surroundings.  His current exhibit Crumbling Cities at Weldon Arts provides a wonderful glimpse into the world that Nether has created in Baltimore and in his...

    External Author SourceFebruary 5, 2013
  • Elegant Handmade FACETURE Vase by Phil Cuttance

    The FACETURE series designed by Phil Cuttance consists of handmade faceted vessels, light-shades and table. Each vase in the series is produced individually by casting a water-based resin into a simple handmade mold. The mold is then manually manipulated to create the each object’s form before each casting, making...

    External Author SourceFebruary 1, 2013
  • Cool gifs by Aakash Nihalani

    I don’t know what’s better: The homepage of Aakash Nihalani‘s website, or these gifs he made. Animations by Aakash Nihalani Via ArtFave Caroline Caldwell for Vandalog | Permalink | No comments Dope Right? Read the original article in the link below Cool gifs by Aakash Nihalani Click Here to read disclaimer of use of this article The Use of...

    External Author SourceFebruary 1, 2013
  • Germany’s hidden gem: Johannes Mundinger

    I absolutely love these walls by Johannes Mundinger. Johannes is a Berlin-based artist with a cute, quirky illustrative style that often works with the environment it’s painted on. Here are some of my favorites. To see more, check out xxcrew’s Flickr page or follow Johannes on Facebook. More photos after the jump… Photos by Johannes...

    External Author SourceJanuary 21, 2013

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