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Meek Mill: Wins & Losses (Album Review)

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Meek Mill


Wins And Losses


Maybach Music Group/Atlantic Recording




Meek Mill


Wins And Losses


Maybach Music Group/Atlantic Recording



On wins and losses, we see a side of Meek Mill that we haven’t seen before. He takes his listeners through the struggle and pain of his past years. He is vulnerable but he is stronger now than we were before. Through this pain, he has matured from his mistakes and is focused on his future. This is album encompasses a full spectrum of emotions, below I’ve broken down the album track by track.

1.Wins & Losses:

Opening with inspirational speaker Eric Thomas, Meek begins the album reasserting himself into the rap game. He shows us he still has the same anger and pain that has been harbored from years of struggle which helped him become the man he is today. He believed in his dream of making it. Not having to worry about where his next meal would come from. He celebrates the people who trust his vision and supported him while condemning those that didn’t.

This song in a nut shell is a self-reflection of the past and how it has culminated to the future making his dream come true.


2.Heavy Heart

With Fame comes its negatives and vices. With money and popularity comes the heart breaks and losses of close family and friends. People change their true colors and can turn on you at a moments notice. With “Heavy Heart” Meek shows a side of himself many haven’t seen since the early days Dreamchasers and Dreamchasers 2. He shows vulnerability and with it brings sincerity and pain to ever line he laid on this track.
The combo of the Philly dynamic duo on this track melds perfectly as the two beat styles of the respected artists are on full display for them to spit over. Together they spin a track about living life in the fast lane. With fame doors open and sometimes behind those doors come the drugs, money, and women. No one wants to admit it but that is the life and Meek and Uzi are letting you know it.

Meek has money and he isn’t afraid to let anyone know it. As you can guess it was more than successful as this is one of Meeks most popular tracks.


3. Whatever You Need (feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign)

Every man in existence wants a woman who is faithful. In this day and age that’s swerving every DM and IG inbox that’s coming her way. Meek expresses his ideal women in this exact fashion. After the recent separation with former girlfriend Nicki Minaj it leaves many to wonder what happened between the two. He talks about giving his ideal women the world for holding him down through life’s ups and downs.

Enlisting the talents of Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign also didn’t hurt turn this into a popular slow jam hit. In other words, this could be classified as baby making music.


4. 1942 Flows

Right off the bat Meek swings punches in his first verse, with everything that has happened within the past year for Meek Mill he opens up about how he finally feels like he’s back to his peak form. Referencing not only his hardships with his love life but also his career.

He feels stronger and ready to take on the weight of the world. He acknowledges the pain and suffering he took and wears it like armor. Meek protests that he is coming full force for what he deserved is his and theirs no way to stop him.



With fame comes to its issues and in this case, Meek is talking about trust, From love interests to the people around him, Meek talks about his need to have to look twice at people. Coming up in the streets you see people betray people every day. Never knowing their intentions, he is quick to move away from these situations. He realizes everyone wants something from him whether it’s money or to use his fame for self-promotion. Despite that, he has a close circle that holds him down and are ready for war at a moments notice. He knows the life he leads may not be the best but it’s the life he has. He doesn’t frown on his upbringing in the streets or his braggadocios lines proclaiming how now his pick at life from cars to women.


6. We Ball (feat. Young Thug)

With the deaths of Detroit rapper Dex Osama in 2015 and his young signee Lil Snupe in 2013, Meek shouts out his fallen brothers and friends.

He once again talks about trusting those around you and the how he struggles to come to grips with the loss. He is tired with the streets and how they keep taking the ones he loves. The same streets that raised him up to fame, has a cost for others to pay and at times it means their lives. Young Thug contributes his R&B Trap flows to the track along Meek echoing how hard life is and how he struggles with his existence with God. While both love the life they live they realize it has become a lonely one.


7. These Scars (feat. Future and Guordan Banks)

While wounds may heal with time sometimes the scars don’t ever fade. They leave their mark constantly reminding you of your moment of weakness. Some use it as a crutch while other use it as a strength. “These Scars” is the perfect track to telling this story. This is a story of inner growth, maturity, and success in spite of struggle. Meek realizes all the work that took to go from a common drug dealer to one of the biggest names in the game. It also shows that not only has he matured as a man, but as a businessman.

While Future drops a catchy verse the real thanks has to go to Guordan Banks. Assisting with his vocals turns this into something more artful than a simple hood story rap song. It gives the song character, it lets you feel the weight Meek had to carry on his journey to where he is today.


8. Connect The Dots (feat. Yo Gotti and Rick Ross)

Rick Ross and Meek Mill finally reunite as MMG on “Connect The Dots” with the assistance of Yo Gotti. Together they paint a picture of the hood and what is needed to make it out. From selling the white to shooting back at his enemies.

The trio drop verse after verse almost as if this was born out of a cypher. The hood is unforgiving and it’s a dog eat dog world. One thing is made clear its either you have the heart for it or you don’t.


9.Fall Thru

With no assistance this time around, Meek makes another track talking about his potential love interest. While no name is said it sounds like he could be referencing rumored girlfriend Nessa Columbiana. He talks about making love to his new girl and showering her with nothing but love and appreciation. He even initially even tells how he planned to pass her to his boy until he caught feelings.

Meek doesn’t hold back on this track keeping it real about his feelings for her. She wrote him while he was locked up and held it down for him while he was gone. How can he not show her love?


10. Never Lose (feat. Lihtz Kamraz)

Trust seems to be a never-ending topic on this album. From your close friends switching up on you to the love of your life betraying you. Despite this Meek persist he will not lose all that he has worked so hard to build. He talks about the time he spent on the corner sell cocaine just to make a living. He talks about how he had to survive in the streets. The fire he was thrown into just made him stronger and prepared for the heartbreaks and loss.


11. Glow Up

With money comes the opportunity to change your image. Meek talks his transformation into the icon he is today with this track. From jewelry and the cars to woman and the company he keeps.

He pays no mind to the haters and asks god to protect him those that might do him wrong. He is living the life he earned and enjoying it by the sound of it. Money changes everything and this track celebrates it full force.


12.Young Black America (feat. The-Dream)

In the wake of all the tensions the African-American community has been facing Meek Mill has crafted a song speaking to all those in the struggle. He masterfully pens a verse that spans for most of the song touching on the struggles of being stuck in the cycle of violence and poverty. In the music video, Meek opens up to a young drug dealer that couldn’t be older than fourteen. Meek sees himself in him, he remembers that not so long ago it was him trying to provide for the family.

Being black in America is dangerous whether people want to openly acknowledge it or not. Referencing how African-Americans are targeted by law enforcement and stuck in a system that was built to be against them. For young kids in the hood, options are few and turning to the streets to make a living at times is the only way to make it. As often as the streets can give it comes with a price that most people pay with their lives. Whether that’s in a casket or a jail cell remains to be seen. Meek recognizes this as the law of the streets and makes sure the kid knows what he’s getting into. At the end, he places his DreamChasers chain on the neck before getting into his car. It was a heartfelt and cautious tale of life on the streets and Meek Mill was the perfect storyteller for it.


13. Open (feat. Verse Simmonds)

Open carries with it a very sensual tone. Meek wants his women to open up to him sexually but mentally. While the song sounds like baby making music (yes I said it again) with help of Verse Simmonds, Meek still doesn’t hesitate to bring with it the strong vocals he is known for, detailing how he makes love to his women. He even manages to throw a couple bars toward Drake and Nicki Minaj.


14. Ball Player (feat. Quavo)

Quavo continues his tear on the music world giving us another classic hook for Meek Mill’s track “Ball Player”. This song is catchy and Meek also sounds to have borrowed a Lil Uzi Vert style beat on this one.


15. Made It From Nothing (feat. Teyana Taylor and Rick Ross)

This is Meek looking back on his long journey to the top. On every track, he took us through the struggle pain and losses he suffered along the way. He sees all the changes he has made not only to himself but the situation of those that love him. He talks about lineage and how he had to fall to stand and be the man he is today. Teyana Taylor gives the track a fresh soulful voice to the track giving it the passion it needed to have people really feel the music.

Meek once again shows the emotion coming to terms with all the life he has lived and letting it stay where it belongs in the past. He is proud of his accomplishment and admits to his mistakes.


16. Price

With a cherry on top Meek Mill closed his third studio album with the perfect sound. Backed by the sample of a church choir, he takes down all his walls and shows his fans what it’s like to be the one everyone depends on. He openly wonders when he will stop being the one giving hand outs and able to get a helping hand himself. Saying no to people he knows may mean they will leave his side and show their true colors. He bleeds and cries just like any other man and is left wondering when he will have his moment of peace. While he waits for his moment of solace he knows it may never come. From the streets to being one of the biggest names in hip-hop Meek has paid the price over again and again. In all the chaos and pain that surrounds Meek, he accepts it.



This is by far Meek Mill’s best work of art collectively. He touches on real issues not only in the world today but the struggle of everyday life. It takes a lot for any person to come out and admit the flaws and hardships they face in life. To do it on an album after the year he had endured speaks volumes. Wearing his emotions on his sleeve Meek speaks on love and loss and coming up in the streets. This album speaks to everyone who knows what it’s like to have to fight to survive. We are witnessing the transformation of an artist right before our eyes and he didn’t disappoint.

The Use of this Article, displayed on our website is for Educational use only. We (Dopeness Magazine) do not take any credit in both creating the media and information of this article; All credit goes to their rightful owners and business entities


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